Hypernotes first caught my eye after watching Francesco D’Alessio’s first impression video and his ambitious description of Hypernotes.

“Better than Roam Research or Obsidian, Hypernotes is the latest bi-directional note-taker on the market.”

Since then, I have tried using Hypernotes as my daily driver for note taking. The short summary is Hypernotes is a great introduction to the world of bi-directional links, but not yet ready for heavy use. The more I wrote, I ran into limitations that impeded my workflow while encountering incomplete features. Here’s my experience on how it currently stacks up against Roam. Hypernotes appears to be…

Like many, I was captivated by the unfolding of the GameStop saga. A demonstration of how everyday investors can move the market. A few other old-school stocks got taken along for the ride, even those without high short interest, a key catalyst for the rally. One of these was BlackBerry. BlackBerry is a nostalgic brand for me, a company that hadn’t crossed my mind for over a decade. So when I kept seeing the name popping up, I was curious to what had happened.

The first posts I could find dates back to Nov 28th 2020, which then cascaded into…

We go on the internet with different reasons and goals in mind. It could be to find out the answer to a burning question, chat with a friend or watch a few dog videos. One similarity all activities share is consuming your attention. Monetisation of attention as a business model has led businesses to strategically capture our attention and engagement for profit. Individuals have also adapted, creating a branch known as the Simp Economy.

A New Simp

Why do people form connections with people they’ve never met or interacted with? In 1968 a psychologist named Robert Zajonc conducted a series of experiments on…

How should we organise information? Many products have sought to solve this problem. However, these solutions are often structured linearly as they are subject to a digital file cabinet hierarchy. As a result, there is little room for flexibility. On the other end of the spectrum, non-linear note taking solutions have also been sought after for years, but none have taken off like Roam Research.

So what’s the secret behind Roam? What have they done that is so special, generated hype that has spread outside the note-taking community that even your dad knows about it, raising a $200 million valuation

With the exciting rise of bi-directional linking in the note taking space, it has completely transformed the way we take notes. And of course, with every new shiny product, the question everyone wants to know, which one should you use? As a disclaimer, I use and enjoy both!

Let’s start with the similarities. Roam and Obsidian both use bi-directional links as a fundamental building block which can provide context between notes. These notes can then be represented visually as nodes to form a knowledge graph, essentially creating a second brain.

But what sets these two apart asides from pricing and…

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is an increasingly popular service that has become ubiquitous in both brick and mortal businesses and the digital landscape. The concept of BNPL is nothing new, but what makes these services so appealing is their psychological trick in how they eliminate the pain we feel that’s usually associated with paying for something. Research has found that spending money triggers areas of the brain associated with pain and disgust and that different forms of payment trigger different levels of discomfort [1].


Cash on fire
Cash on fire
Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Cold harsh cash, the most tangible form of payment elicits the greatest psychological pain even…

Graph by Carl Richards

We live in the information age. Information about anything we can think of is accessible to us, at the tip of our fingertips. While this is great, it can lead to too many choices. If you’re a beginner learning to code, you may struggle with deciding between so many online courses.

If you head over to Udemy and search for “web development”, you’ll see that there are almost 1,000 courses to choose from.

Travis Chan


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